5 Tips to Save Money on Your Holiday Electricity Bill

It’s time to deck the halls and add some festive cheer to your home! With the holidays around the corner, many households are starting to put up their lights to spread some cheer during these cold winter days. All those lights, as stunning as they can be, can really make your electricity costs snowball. This holiday season, try these cost-saving ways to decorate your home without turning you into a Grinch and putting a damper on your festivities:

LED lights

If you’re out shopping for lights to decorate your home, keep an eye out for LED lights. While the up-front cost to purchase LED lights may be a bit more than your traditional lights, over time, you’ll notice the cost savings on your electricity bill. This is because LED lights use 70-90% less energy. That can really add up! LED lights are also known to be brighter, safer to use because they don’t heat up like incandescent light bulbs, and are easier to put up when you connect several strings together because they won’t overload your electric sockets (simply because they are so energy efficient). Plus, they have a longer lifespan and won’t burn out as quickly as other light bulbs. 

Fiber optic lights

Fiber optic lights are an example of how technology meets tradition to create a beautiful outcome. Fiber optics are a convenient and cost-effective way to add lights to your home. Instead of putting up a string of lights around your house, fiber optic lights typically use only one halogen light bulb that illuminates several fiber optic strands. Fiber optic lights can also change color, adding a fun touch to your décor. 

Creative décor alternatives

Sometimes it pays (or saves, in this case!) to think outside the box. You may not need lights at all to add some festive cheer to your home. There are many other creative ways to decorate your home without the use of electricity. We’re thinking winter garlands, berries and florals, snowflakes, and a wide variety of home décor options like holiday-themed cushions or wooden frames for the mantlepiece. For homes with young children, candy canes, snowmen, and reindeer fixtures for the front yard can add to a child-friendly festive atmosphere.

Time settings

If lights are definitely your thing, then consider putting in place time limits to when your lights stay on. There’s no point keeping your home lit overnight while most people will be snug in their beds and will not be out and about to admire them. Aim for a time window, say 5 hours between 5 pm and 10 pm, when you keep your lights on so they can be fully appreciated in the evening hours. You can set a timer on your lights or you can consciously unplug before you go to bed.

Other conscious ways to save

When your decorative lights are on inside the house, consider turning off most of your other room lights to really emphasize your décor and save energy that other parts of your home may be chewing up. If you need some extra light into the evening, candles can really add a wonderful touch (and scent!) to your holiday ambiance. And for those days where you’ll be hosting and cooking up those delicious meals for your loved ones, consider cooking several dishes together to save on energy used by your oven; for smaller meals, consider using a toaster oven instead. 

By considering these options to save energy this holiday season, you’ll be sure to add festive energy and life into your home for everyone to enjoy!