How to Avoid a Scary Electric Bill This Halloween

Halloween Electricity Bill

The month of October has officially arrived, and we’re ready for all things spooky. From creepy house parties to ghastly yard decor, Halloween is a night to celebrate all things macabre, but you don’t need to break the bank to keep the lights on. Take a look at these energy savings tips and tricks from your friends at Arrow Energy.

Be on the lookout for Energy Vampires.

Vampire energy is the electricity that leaks out of your appliances and electronics, even when they are turned off. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), phantom loads can eat up an extra 10% of your monthly electricity bill.

Unplugging unused appliances is a great way to avoid vampire power usage. This includes computers, TVs (even when they are turned off), video game consoles, kitchen appliances, and cell phone chargers. If you can’t stand to unplug everything one by one, consider using a smart power strip. This way, you can shut down a whole section of electronics at once instead of having to unplug each one individually.

Save with LEDs.

For many of us, Halloween isn’t just about the candy and costumes. It’s also about the lights. You know what we’re talking about: those twinkling little bulbs that adorn your home in all their ghoulish glory. But, unfortunately, as spook-tacular those string lights look, they tend to consume a lot of energy.

Instead, try upgrading to LED lights to banish creatures lurking in any dark corners. LED bulbs can help you save money on your electric bill, and they have a longer lifespan which means you can keep those creatures at bay even after Halloween.

Make use of timers.

Timers are a great way to save money and energy! They allow you to control the times when your lights and decorations are on, which means they can be left on all day. This reduces the number of times that your lights need to be turned off or on throughout the day, so you do not have to physically turn your lights off every morning.

Keep your door shut.

Even though in Texas it still feels like summer with high temperatures hitting in the 90s, we’re hoping the temperature will drop a little by the end of the month. But in case it doesn’t and you need the AC to keep you cool, be conscious of how long and often your front door stays open for the trick-o-treaters. Opening the door repeatedly will let all of your cool air escape, and you’ll end up paying for cool air that didn’t stay in long enough to do any good! 

Turn Off the Lights

If you’re hosting a big party, it’s best to keep your home dimly lit. You can do this by using dimmer switches or lamps instead of overhead lighting. This will help cut down on the amount of electricity being used by your guests — and it will also make the party more spooky!

Don’t let your electric bill be the scariest part of the season. Watch out for those energy vampires sucking the fun out of halloween and and maximize savings using these tips and tricks.