The Best Green Gifts for Valentine’s Day

With the holiday season officially wrapped up and January, the bluest month of the year, behind us, it’s time to live la vie en rose. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we’re about to see lots of pink on the shelves, from sentimental greeting cards to deliciously packaged chocolate boxes and the cutest teddy bears. Even with the abundance of pink, there is a way to go green this Valentine’s Day with sustainable gift options that can help us show some love to our planet alongside our loved ones. Here is Arrow Energy’s list of best green gifts that you can get for your Valentine:

Enjoy a candlelight dinner at home

Save on an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant by showing off some skills in the kitchen and cooking your loved one a homemade meal, made with locally grown ingredients (and some TLC, of course). By using an Instant Pot, small-sized griddle, or air fryer rather than multiple larger appliances like the stove or oven to make your meal, you can save energy while still creating a delicious outcome. And for an added effect, instead of using lights in your home, light a candle and enjoy the romantic ambiance. PS. Don’t forget to use the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, and throw the dishes into the dishwasher instead of hand washing to save on your water use.

Go for a heartfelt hike

Quality time is one of the best gifts we can give our loved ones. Instead of spending money on energy-consuming entertainment, travel plans, or gifts with temporary value, plan a hike, a picnic, or bike together outdoors. You’ll have the added benefit of enjoying nature while enjoying the company of your partner and creating some beautiful memories together. Plus, when you’re out and about, you’ll have the chance to unplug from all your electronic devices so you can give your loved one your undivided attention.

Gift a tree instead of flowers

Bouquets of roses seem to have become a Valentine tradition, but did you know, the cut-flower industry contributes to an excess amount of greenhouse gas emissions, at almost 3 kg of carbon dioxide per flower? There’s nothing beautiful about that. This is because many flowers are actually imported from other countries, increasing the carbon footprint associated with purchasing flowers, or are grown through the use of industrial-sized greenhouses that require large amounts of water and heating through fossil fuels, particularly in countries that have low levels of sunlight – not to mention the excess use of pesticides. Consider, instead, gifting your loved one a tree as part of a reforestation project, or even cultivating your own garden at home.

Make a commitment to a greener life

If you have the budget for a larger Valentine’s gift, consider purchasing a new ENERGY STAR appliance to replace your older, more energy-consuming appliance. Or take some smaller steps and get a fresh start this Valentine’s Day with a fresh new filter for your furnace to ensure it’s running efficiently. Another way to make a commitment towards energy efficiency and sustainability is to do some research on energy providers in your region, and make a switch to a plan that suits you and your loved ones’ needs. There’s nothing more attractive than an environmentally conscious partner with an action plan! 

Green is the new pink this Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to save energy while warming hearts. Visit Arrow Energy to learn more about the energy plans and rates that we can offer you.