Top 7 Reasons Moving to Texas is a Great Idea

“Everything is bigger in Texas”, so the saying goes, from the size of your fries to the size of your goals. What is it about Texas that attracts people from around the world? Here is our list of top 7 reasons why moving to Texas is a great idea:

Affordable Housing

Housing is super affordable in Texas. The median home price from $375,000 to $415,000, or $175 to $225 per square foot. Houses in some areas are as low as $250,000. Compare that to New York, where you’ll be paying almost $800 per square foot! Like we said, everything is bigger in Texas, including the size of home and land you’ll be able to afford, thanks to Texas being the second largest state in the U.S.!

Warm Weather

Texas is warm almost all-year round. Although some areas are now known to see snow occasionally, these are typically one-offs, and warm weather is always quick to make a comeback. Average temperatures in Texas usually range from 36 F on the lower end to 96 F in the summer, with the temperature usually hovering around 60 F in January, the coldest month of the year. If you like long, hot summers and lots of sunshine, Texas is the state for you!

Career Opportunities

As one of the fastest growing states in the United States, business is always booming in Texas and opportunities for career growth are continually available. Some of the biggest industries are oil and energy, including green energy companies. Amongst the other top sectors in Texas, technology, aerospace, biomedical research, defense, agriculture, and manufacturing are major players. As a result, the unemployment rate in Texas is below the national average.

Great Schools

Texas boasts some of the best high schools and colleges in the country. With several public and private institutions to choose from, graduates from universities across Texas become highly skilled and successfully claim jobs in the many industries and sectors listed above. The University of Texas at Austin sits at the top of the list of best public colleges, with Rice University leading the list of best private institutions. Another advantage is that in-state tuition costs are below the national average, making a high-quality education very affordable for Texans.

Low Cost of Living

One of the many features that attract newcomers to Texas is the low cost of living. This is in part thanks to affordable housing, no state income tax (Texas is one of only 7 states in the entire country that offers this!), and low sales tax. Many areas have a cost of living that ranges between 3 to 11% lower than the national average due to these various factors.


Because of a rapidly growing job market, Texas attracts people from various backgrounds. As a result, there are pockets of diversity all across the state, making Texas a very multicultural state. While the majority of Texans are either White or Hispanic (40% each), there are large Black (12%) and Asian (5%) communities as well.

Energy Deregulation

The energy market in Texas is deregulated, which means that the consumer has the freedom to choose which energy company they would like to power their home. With a wide variety of energy providers and plans to choose from, you’re very likely to pay less for your electricity bill in Texas.

As the Lone Star state, there is no lone reason to choose Texas to be your new home. Get in touch with Arrow Energy to see how we can power your home in Texas.