What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat to for a Texas Winter

Setting Your Thermostat for Texas Winter

As a Texas native, you are used to living in warm weather most of the year, but with the upcoming temperature drops, the season to bump up the heat is here. In Texas, winter is unpredictable. Everyone hopes to achieve the optimal heat level inside their homes while maintaining a reasonable electricity bill. 

Heating or air conditioning generates almost 50% of our electricity bills. That’s why you should always have your thermostat set to the best possible settings that won’t burn a hole in your pocket or leave you feeling chilly.

Here we have a short guide on thermostat setting for a Texas winter.

Setting your thermostat

While the Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat at 68 degrees is optimal, others argue that we should adjust as the weather gets chillier. Finding the best temperature for winter can be subjective, as everyone acclimates differently.

Try setting your thermostat to somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees to find what works best for you and your family. If possible, try setting your thermostat at the lower end of this range, so that the heater has less work to do heating up rooms that don’t need such high temperatures – ultimately allowing you to save some bucks on your energy bills. Alternatively, you can use a smart thermostat to adjust the temperature based on the weather.

Thermostat settings for winter daytime

During winter daytime, 70 degrees is ideal since it can provide efficient energy consumption and comfort. If you’re off to work or school, don’t forget to lower the temperature by 5-7 degrees. This will help save money on heating costs because less energy will be used during the day when no one is home!

Thermostat setting when you’re away for winter

If you’re going to be away during winter, you still want to return to a comfortable home while still saving energy costs. It is best to set your thermostat at 62-66 degrees. This will help with furnace functionality and reduce appliance load, increasing their efficiency.

Thermostat settings for winter nighttime

60-67 degrees is the ideal temperature for winter nighttime for a comfortable night’s sleep. If your house is too warm at night, it will affect your sleep and may result in causing fatigue. Since you’ll be snuggled in blankets and covers, it makes it possible to make the house just a little chilly at night.

Adjusting your thermostat 

Since the temperature in Texas is not expected to be extremely low this year, you can easily save power by adjusting your thermostat to lower settings. You can even expect to save up to 10% on electricity if you lower your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees for at least 8 hours a day.

Since most people do not mind sleeping in a chilly environment (tucked under blankets or comforters), you can easily drop the thermostat temperature before going to bed. This would provide the 8-hour power-saving window you need.

Can smart thermostats help?

Smart thermostat is worth investing in if you’re looking for sustainable energy consumption. Apart from auto-adjusting temperatures based on outdoor weather, a smart thermostat can be used remotely with a smartphone, giving easy accessibility.

They are equipped with mobile apps that enable voice-controlled programs as well. You can use these personal assistants to adjust your thermostat settings.

A smart thermostat will also help you save time by learning your preferences and making smart choices geared towards energy savings and a lesser carbon footprint. It’ll allow you to set up automatic settings for when certain people come home from work or school, so that the house is always at a comfortable temperature when you arrive home (or if no one’s around). These benefits are not limited to winter but throughout the year, every season.

It’s always a good idea to set your thermostat to a temperature that keeps you comfortable and saves you money. In the winter, there are some things you can do to avoid running the heat all day long, and we hope after reading this article, you’re feeling more confident about your home’s temperature control. 


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