Who is my Texas Electricity Utility Provider?

If you live in Texas and receive electricity at your home or business, you likely have a utility provider that is responsible for delivering power to your location. However, many Texans may not be aware of their specific utility provider or what their responsibilities are. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to find your Texas electricity utility provider, the role of utility providers in the deregulated electricity market in Texas, and frequently asked questions about utility providers.

Utility Providers in Texas

Oncor: Serving the Largest Number of Texans

Oncor is the largest utility provider in Texas, serving over 10 million people in the state. They maintain approximately 119,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines and manage the flow of electricity to more than 400 cities and communities in Texas.

CenterPoint: Providing Reliable Service for Over 140 Years

CenterPoint Energy has been providing reliable electric service in Texas for over 140 years. They serve more than 2.5 million customers in Houston and maintain over 100,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines.

AEP Texas North: Serving the Panhandle and Northern Areas

AEP Texas North serves approximately 240,000 customers in West Texas, including the Panhandle and northern areas. They maintain over 20,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines and operate in a service area of over 24,000 square miles.

AEP Texas Central: Serving Central and South Texas

AEP Texas Central serves approximately 1 million customers in central and south Texas. They maintain over 38,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines and operate in a service area of over 40,000 square miles.

TNMP: Serving Coastal and Inland Communities

TNMP, or Texas New Mexico Power, serves approximately 255,000 customers in coastal and inland communities in Texas. They maintain over 10,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines and operate in a service area of over 17,000 square miles.

How to Find Your Texas Electric Utility Provider

To find out which electric utility provider serves your location, the easiest way is to check your electricity bill. Your provider’s name and contact information should be listed on the bill. If you don’t have a bill or are unsure, contact the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) or use online search tools.

Understanding the Role of Electric Utility Providers

In Texas, the electricity market is deregulated, meaning consumers can choose their retail electricity provider (REP) from a list of available options. However, utility providers are still responsible for delivering electricity to consumers and maintaining the physical infrastructure of the electricity grid. Utility providers must also provide transmission and distribution services to all customers, regardless of their chosen REP.

One of the critical responsibilities of utility providers is to ensure the reliability and stability of the electricity grid. This includes monitoring the flow of electricity, responding to power outages, and maintaining the infrastructure that delivers electricity to consumers. Remember that while you can choose your retail electricity provider, you cannot choose your utility provider.

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