Energy That's Rewarding

As an Arrow Energy customer, you will earn $25 Rewards Dollars every month that you can use in 500,000+ ways! In addition to saving on local restaurants, online shopping and gift cards, you also have the opportunity to ‘play’ every day with regular giveaways including energy-efficient products for your home.


Earn rewards every month you’re a customer. Plus, keep an eye out for surprises, games, and bonus chances to earn even more rewards.


Enjoy gift card giveaways, product giveaways, cash giveaways, challenges, daily deals and a whole lot of fun. There’s something new every day!


Spend your rewards in over 500,000 ways! Save on local deals, restaurants, online shopping, gift cards, travel, groceries, and so much more!


All product names, company names, and logos depicted are (1) the property of their respective holders, (2) used solely for illustrative purposes, and (3) not meant to imply any affiliation with or endorsement by their holders. Participating offers subject to change. Arrow Energy Rewards is a free, voluntary, and ongoing customer loyalty, connection, and community resource created by Arrow Energy Rewards for select Arrow Energy Rewards customers. Must be over the age of 18 and must have active email address to enroll, access and redeem your Arrow Energy Rewards. Arrow Energy Rewards is not a one-time promotion or inducement to contract/purchase, and has no cash value. Arrow Energy Rewards terms are available online.